How Setup Auto Blog Post with BHMarketer AI

Download The WordPress Plugin:


This section describes how to install the WordPress REST API Authentication and get it working.


  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for REST API Authentication. Find and Install the api authentication plugin by miniOrange
  3. Activate the plugin

How To Use It:

1. Click On Basic Authhentication.

2. Tik Mark All Json

3. Click on Username and password with base64

4. Click Next and Save it.

How To Configure It On BHMarketer AI App.

1. Click On WP Sites.

2. Click On Add New Site

Website Link Must Be Add Index.php after your domain name:

On Document Menu How to Post:

1. Select Auto Generated Article

2. Choice Saved WP Website

3. Choice Category Of WordPress Website.

4. Select Post Type

5. Click On Bulk Post on WordPress.

Then All Setup Will be done.